In October 1998, College of Law (hereinafter referred to ‘the College’) was established to be the sixth college of CCU. It is one of CCU’s primary goals to set up a model of legal education as well as to promote legal knowledge in southern Taiwan, therefore, after five-year steady development of Law Department plus six-year of graduate program, CCU established the College. The College manages two departments: Department of Laws and Department of Financial and Economic Laws; the former department comprises Legal Science Division and Legal Administration Division, including graduate programs (master degree and doctoral degree) and graduate certificate of law program; the latter department also includes graduate program for master degree. There are 34 full-time faculty members in our College: 17 professors, 10 associate professors and 8 assistant professors; they all hold doctoral degrees in specialized field such as constitutional laws, administrative laws, civil laws, criminal laws, financial & economic laws, social laws, and international laws, etc. At, prosent. 1711 students study in the Colleget.

The College takes the following steps to keep pace with the national as well as international tendency: maintaining traditional legal studies, developing multiple departments/institutions, integrating law and other academic field, promoting international academic intercourse and cooperation, strengthening students’ capacity of foreign language; in addition, the College is engaged in cultivating legal experts in the field of financial & economic laws, technology laws, social security laws and other special field to meet the needs of industrial society, government as well as academia.